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 Movies and TV series added all the time for your enjoyment. Have you ever saw a television series on TV in the 3rd season and really liked it, but were kind of lost? Check out all the seasons here from beginning to current, or the end.

Some of the series are not complete at this time, I do apologize for this as I know it's frustrating when you are unable to see what happens. But as soon as I can get a clean copy without pop-ups, it will be added.

I know that several people are having problems with shows playing. I am trying to get that resolved. The site I embed from made several changes and it has affected a lot of things. I may have to replace everything on here which will take some time. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Check back often for updated information.

We are working with a couple of companies in order to raise money for families in need. Any money donated to TVgazm will be donated to Family First. Family First is an organization that assists families in need. Check out their website.
Young @ Heart is also donating to Family First 20% of each sale from their site. They have some really neat items for sale and everything is handmade. Check out their stuff too.

Links to check out!

Family First

Assisting families in need during these troubled times.

Handcrafted treasures for the young at heart.

Great holiday shopping!

When suggesting a movie please include the full title, year it was released and maybe who starred in it. This makes it much easier to find. Once it is posted to the website, an announcement will be in the News section letting you know.                                                                            

I appreciate all feedback. We are working on the problem of several items not playing. Read the NEWS page for updates before submitting a feedback please.  I am trying to provide all that I can. If you are having trouble with a page, please be specific. Answers to any questions will be in the News.




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