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Movies Page

Posted by Mary on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, In : Just Added 
It took a while but I redid the movies page so that now all movies are alphabetical and listed in all genres that apply to the movie. I used iMDb to find out the genres, so if you are not sure about which one it may be under, then check iMDb. Being alphabetical too I hope helps to be able to find the movie you want to see easier. I will continue to add new movies and place them alphabetically. Hope this helps make your browsing experience better.

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Movie Genres

Posted by Mary on Saturday, February 18, 2012, In : General Questions 
I wanted to take a quick second to explain how I determine the movie genres. I place each movie only into a single genre. I know that other sites like netflix, etc will place them in more than one, but to save space I only place them in one. I determine it by checking IMDb. There is more than one genre for every movie. If I have seen the movie I will pick from that list and place it there. If I have not, then I take the first genre listed and read the description and place it there. There is ...
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